Nonlinear Vibration and Synchronization are my main research interests.

I have studied the synchronization of common-base-coupled rotating-eccentric-driven shakers, the synchronization of Huygens' pendulum clocks, and Maimonides' treatise on the Sanctification of the New Moon.

Here is a paper, " Synchronization of Two Common-Base-Coupled Nonlinear Rotating-Eccentric-Driven Shakers," presented at the 1999 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference, Las Vegas, NV USA on September 12-15, 1999. Here is the complete paper.(733k/pdf)

Here is the abstract of a paper, " Synchronization of two coupled escapement-driven pendulum clocks," published in JSV Vol. 291, (2006) 566-603.)

Also see "A Perturbation Technique that Works Even When the Non-Linearity is Not Small" JSV Vol. 164, No. 1, Jun 8, 1993, pp 1-27, a paper that I wrote with Professor Bapat. Professor Mickens has extended this work in "Generalization of the Senator-Bapat Method to Systems having Limit Cycles," JSV Vol. 224, No. 1, July, 1999, pp167-171.

Here is the abstract of a paper (pdf/44k) about Maimonides' Treatise, "Sanctification of the New Moon." Here is the complete paper (pdf/152k) Here is a handout (pdf/88k) that I used for a lecture on this Treatise.

Here are the slides of a talk I gave at the Davidson Laboratory about why sliding seats and short stroke intervals are used for racing shells. This talk is based on a foundation paper, Men_Boats_Oars (abstract), that D.L.Pope wrote in 1973, On the Dynamics of Men and Boats and Oars," and on a follow-up paper, racing_shells, that I wrote in 1981, "Why Sliding Seats and Short Stroke Intervals are Used for Racing Shells." (NIH/PubMed) (ASME)

Questions? You can mail me at ms @ senator . org